Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still Here - Still Working

Has anyone who reads this blog ever refinished hardwood floors themselves? Is there some special trick to it when using an oil-based varathane?

We still haven't figured out what those names were that showed up as we sanded away the top couple of layers of varathane that were previously on the floor.

However - no more names showed up once we put down our own first layer of varathane either. Not in that room anyway. There's still another room to sand so we might come across a few more surprises. This barn/house is over 100 years old and I expect that there is quite a bit of history gathered inside these walls over all those years.

Meanwhile - when we put down the second coat of varathane - it bubbled everywhere and we had to wait 12 hours before we could go in and sand it down. Then we put on our third layer, it bubbled too - just not as much.

Sam has gone off to town to ask the people who are supposed to know - ie - the people at the paint department in Home Depot. I'm going to be quite interested to see what he says when he gets back.

The smell from the oil-based varathane is unbelievable! It burns the eyeballs and drains away any strength one might have - even with masks on.

What Sam and I have been doing to resuscitate ourselves afterward is looking at the whitewater videos that my brother has posted over on his blog - In Otter Words. They are great for a smile and boost our spirits knowing that we have another summer of rafting ahead of us.

So once more I'm suggesting you go over to In Otter Words and give yourself a smile as you listen to the screaming of excited (or terrified) rafters. It truly is so much fun!

Meanwhile - I'll get back to work.

Friday, January 22, 2010

What’s In A Name

    While trying to deal with my stress and health and basically being the person I am (which is one that hides from the world and doesn’t like to leave my house) – I have thrown myself into the renovations that still need doing in this big old barn.

Our house guest (also known as Sam) has been taking care of me and helping out as well.

We are in the process of sanding the dining room floor and while doing so – Sam won’t let me run the machine so it’s all him – we came across something in the hardwood.

We’re not sure what it is and believe it to be a name so I’m going to post some pics of it here and see if any one of you can figure out what it says.

Please note there are 2 different spots which to me look like two different names.   

So here we go.P1210005

P1210006 P1210006P1210004And the other ‘name’.

Any and all ideas are gratefully welcomed.



Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Don’t Do Well With Stress

And that’s a fact.

Stress + Me = Tears – lots of them.

So while I am trying desperately to deal with my life at the moment and which I’m not doing a very good job at – I would like to point you towards my brother’s blog – In Otter Words.

Now that rafting season is over he is working on his pottery and he is putting out pieces that just take my breath away with their beauty and which need to be seen by the world – or by my blogging friends at least.

Please – go have a look and let the beauty of them settle your mind and enrich your day. And if you feel like it – leave him a comment. All artists need that. Just like us.


My brother’s fabulous pottery.

and here too!