Saturday, July 3, 2010

Where Does The Time Go?

Here it is - July.

What happened to June - what happened to our 'spring'?

Our temperatures are hovering in the low 60's most of the time and this is what we are to be calling our 'summer'.

In other years I have posted pics of 'The Man' putting up our above-ground pool on Canada Day Long Weekend/July 4th Weekend. This year? I'm still wearing my fleece housecoat and warm slippers when I get up in the morning. The summer of early morning swims is something that is not likely to happen this year.

They had overnight frost out where my brother lives - a mere 40 minute drive from The Barn.

Frost? In July? Fortunately I had returned from a weekend of helping out with the rafting or I would have had very cold feet in my little trailer, and the heater would have been going full blast all night. And of course - there's nothing like the freezing seat of a portapotty about 3am. Wakes you right up!

Canadians are known for their complaining about the weather. But really - do you blame us?

At present there are tornadoes and earthquakes and flooding happening a few provinces over from us. Our TransCanada highway got washed away in one of the floods - bringing traffic to a standstill for a week. That's the major highway that runs from one side of Canada to the other. And it got washed out! How does something like that happen?!

Still - One thing that is enduring, is our Queen.