Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hoo(t) Knew?

Did you know that owls are making a comeback once again? Pretty soon we are going to see owl everything according to the world’s fashion forecasters. Hoo(t) would have known?

I love owls. I consider myself lucky when I get to see one. They aren’t a popular bird here but we do have them. One always appears in the same vicinity along the river. It sits and watches the cars go by – safe on its perch atop a fencepost. It is massive and regal. I sigh when I see it and smile.

With that in mind – I made the following.  Give a hoot if you like it.

This bracelet has 3 different types of owls, a tree for them to perch on and not only some lovely maple leaves but also 2 deep green leaves. I added a moon and a star to light the way for happy hunting and a safety chain so they don’t get lost.

PB300020 $40PB300003-1 PB300007



And finally – today is the last day to put in your name for the draw of this fabulous book!



Anonymous said...

You know i luv owls too, Ms. Pookie. This is wonderful jewelry. Now I'm gonna write you on the other side. xooxox

bichonpawz said...

Beautiful bracelets Aims!!! I cannot even imagine how long it takes to make each one!! I guess I can still put my name in for the magazine?? Happy Tuesday Aims! Hope you are doing well!!

Bernie said...

What a gift you have Aims, I love owls and I love, love your jewelry.
.....:-) Hugs

Leatherdykeuk said...


Awls are the symbol of Athena and therefore my mother, a Catholic, wouldn't have them in the house.

dND said...

Aims, that is just so beautiful - do you post to Europe? If you do, can you e-mail me a price.
Deborah x

Daryl said...

a friend of the family, Hazel was her name, was a lover of all things owl, she would have loved these ...

No package so far...

Anonymous said...

I'm fond of owls too- my Dad had a couple- a little barn owl and a female European Eagle Owl- she was huge!

Have you read The Owl service series of books by Alan Garner?

Lovely intricate work Aims.

BT said...

Oooh, the book looks wonderful and I won it! Lucky me. I just love those owl bracelets aims, they are gorgeous.