Friday, April 8, 2011

Sunrise or Sunset?

Sometimes you just have to open your mind and really ‘see’ what is streaming in to your brain through your eyes.

There are so many beautiful things that we take for granted because we have ‘seen’ them an umpteen millionth time. Yet if we really pay attention then suddenly the beauty that is before you can take your breath away.

I have windows that face east and west and I am blessed with the beauty of each sunrise and sunset. Either one comes to me shining through trees – an image that I can’t describe to do it justice.

I let these colours inspire me and I came up with this wrap bracelet. These are the colours I see before the sunrise and sunset turn to that rosy colour and then on into darker copper…….

(Please click to enlarge – it does make everything look that much nicer!)


 P3200011 $26



Maggie May said...

They are lovely pieces of work. I would also love to see photos of the sunrises & sunsets from your windows.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Breezy said...

I bet you are tempted to keep that for yourself it would suit your colouring perfectly

Bernie said...

Not only is your jewellry so pretty but you describe the early mornings and sunsets so beautifully.....big hugs sweetie:-)

Akelamalu said...

The colours of sunrise and sunset are my most favourite. Love these pieces Aims.

Magento Themes said...

I just love these pieces. It was looking great. I love this design. you've done great work.
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