Monday, May 2, 2011

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

I was wondering today if carpal tunnel surgery would actually change your life line if you saw a palm reader. Perhaps that’s a strange idea but when you see the scars you might wonder too.

So here I am with 7 weeks behind me from the first time I knew that knife was cutting into my palm. My right wrist looks pretty good and it has been incredible to feel and see the difference each day makes. 

P5020022Surgery March 15/11

I’m still not picking up heavy loads with the right hand nor can I put pressure right on that scar. Eeeeek!

Now take a look at my left wrist -

P5020020 Surgery April 26/11

It looks (kinda) neat, doesn’t it? You can see a bit of swelling just to the bottom left of the scar. It has been just 6 days from surgery.

As each surgeon is different – and boy was I lucky to get the plastic surgeon I did! – each surgeon has different techniques.

My girlfriend in Ontario had to keep her hand in a brace for 23 out of 24 hours of the day. She did exercises during that 1 hour.

My surgeon wrapped my hand in a tight tensor bandage over the gauze and I left that on for 48 hours. Then I changed that to a bandage and I will wash, then put polysporin on the scar and a bandage over that until I get the stitches out 14 days from the surgery.

Even before I got up off the table, my surgeon had me making a fist and opening it over and over again. He told me the best thing I could do was to exercise it in this manner – and – type!

Today everything works wonderfully and any pains in the site can be controlled with ibuprofen. Eventually I’ll be right back to normal – no numbness or pins and needles and strength once more in my hands. How I look forward to that!

As for the surgery part? It took my surgeon 5 minutes for the surgery and an intern took almost as long to sew me up. I was in and out within 20 minutes.

The worst part? Probably the needle they put in your wrist to freeze everything. But you all know how I’ve been practising with needles in my back – hip – and knee. They do say practise, practise, practise!

And when I go to get the stitches removed, my doctor checks his work by shaking my hand.

How perfect!


grandmamargie said...

The surgeon told my husband that it could take up to a year for the nerves to competely heal, thus each day will continue to make a difference. Albeit small, but still noticable and he has found that to be true. He is so glad he finally consented to having it done. And I'm glad for you too. Congratulations.

Maggie May said...

So pleased that it is all over and has been such a success.
The right hand looks very neat!
Hope that puts paid to the pain & discomfort once the cut heals.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Nora said...

I'm glad it was successful and that you managed so well. I hope the healing process conitnues to go well and that you'll be over all your problems and have the use of two healthy wrists.

annbumbly said...

Good it all went so well!

Jian said...

my mum is going to have the same surgery done too. do your symptoms resolve well? Glad to know the surgery went well.

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

OUCH!!!! That looks painful but hope it does the trick.

Houseelf said...

Brilliant well done Aims!
Welcome to a new lease of life.

Daryl said...

So glad things are progressing so well .. sending you lots of love to go with the tea .. did it get there?

Akelamalu said...

I'm so glad that the surgery went well. It sounds as if you got the very best surgeon. I'll send you some Reiki whilst you're healing. x

Mickle in NZ said...

Sweetie - it is looking so good and your skin is recovering beautifully. I'm amazed at how good the left hand looks so soon!
Now - you go carefully with both hands for now, please. XXXXXX Mickle and Zebby (yay - painfree human handies are great for feline chin scritches!)

Mima said...

So glad that the second one went well, and what neat scars you have from both of them, you can barely see the first one. I've been unlucky with my scars from the gallbladder in Dec and they have gone keliod (I think that's how you say it), anyway pink & thick, but at least they are covered up!!! LOL Mima

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John said...

I hope you get well soon . Since its your right hand it must be quite a painful experience assuming your a right handed person.
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San said...

Aims, that's a small, very neat incision. Love the efficiency of the whole thing, that your surgeon's work can be checked by shaking hands. Yes, that is perfection.


College Papers said...

Feeling glad to read it. thanks for sharing dude..:)

WOL said...

Rubbing vitamin E oil on your healed incision will help keep it supple and reduce scarring. As soon as you get your stitches out, you can begin using it on the other incision.