Monday, February 6, 2012

Inside My Washing Machine



I know – I know – Sounds weird doesn’t it? But I spent one whole week cleaning inside my washing machine.

Now for those of you who get queasy cleaning drains clogged with hair etc. – maybe you should avert your eyes.  It was similar but different. Read on.

When I came home from my brother’s at the beginning of November, I decided it was time to do a major clean through this big old barn. Let’s face it – two men – alone – for five months? What do you think!

The Man is a very clean and tidy person. That being said he has tunnel vision – for computers. Everyday dirt and grime build-up doesn’t show up in his world.

As for Sam our housemate? Hmmm. Love him – but…………… he’s different.

The guys (probably out of sheer guilt) decided to get me a gal to come in and clean – or help me clean – depends on the day. I almost felt sorry for her those first few weeks. I’m sure she thought a lot of things, but mostly – ugh!

While she attacked the bottom floor bathroom, I started in the laundry room. And for some unknown reason (to me anyway) I started cleaning the washing machine. Inside.

I remembered that the sounds of the machine as it went into its final spin didn’t sound like a machine that was draining properly. Looking inside I could see that most of the little holes in the main tub were plugged! No wonder the water wasn’t draining out. A lot of it was remaining in the tub!

Being the resourceful person I am, I dashed off to the top floor (puffing madly by the time I got there) and searched out one of my grandmother’s crochet hooks. Dashing back down to the first floor (not so puffy this time) I attacked those holes, pulling out fibre and hair and grunge! It was gross! Believe me!

I spent at least 3 days before I broke and begged Sam to take the machine apart so I could get at those holes easier. This is what we found………….(look away if you don’t want to fall into the trap I did)







As you can see from the holes, I had poked quite a bit of ? with my crochet hook but it just wasn’t enough. I had to take the drum over to the self-serve car-wash and blast away at it for almost an hour. It cost me $22!

What you see around the base of the spindle was like cement. We chipped away at that with putty knives to get it off! It was quite an adventure to have on my first days back from my summer at my brother’s.

What was it? I’m not sure but I do know a number of guides have washed their wetsuits in that machine. I believe a lot of it is the silt from the river mixed with the calcium etc. in our drinking water and sprinkled with dog hair (and Sam hair-Sam sheds a lot!)

So go ahead – have a look inside your washing machine. Is it pristine like it really should be or does something else lurk in there……?


Leatherdykeuk said...

fabulous! You saved your washing machine!

Leslie: said...

Oh my gosh! Yuck is right! I actually did clean my washing machine last week, but it wasn't nearly like yours...glad you saved the machine, but what a lot of work! Whew!

Lola said...

Wow! New blog design rocks! And the washing machine is gross, I don't intend to look anywhere near mine, although this will probably condemn it to an early grave.

Akelamalu said...

Mine looks quite shiny inside but you've got me thinking now. :(

Maggie May said...

Thanks for making me feel sick, Aims!
No wonder machines give out a pong every now & then. Theres no way I could dismantle mine. I shall just have to get the Dettol out!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Mickle in NZ said...

Love the new look! So good that you are back blogging - eek, I'd better do so too or you'll be on my case.

As I'd told you in an email in NZ that washing machine build up is called scrud. Now we can share it with the World!!!

Like my cooking, my laundry is never complete without some Zebby Cat hair.

TSannie said...

Wow! After I'd take mine apart, I'd then have to spend a gazillion dollars on the repairman who would have to put it back together! I am VERY impressed!