Wednesday, February 6, 2008

'The Man' Tales - I Meet Dragosani

The next night I waited patiently for the newcomer while I chatted with Yak who had changed his name to AYNS – All Yak No Shack. He thought he was witty – but it barely made an impression on me. I had moved along in the ‘wanting’ him division anyway.

As soon as the name Dragosani appeared on my screen my whole body thrilled and I sprang into action. Dragging him to a couch in a secluded corner I made him talk to me.

“What does Dragosani mean?” I asked him.

“It doesn’t mean anything.” I thought of clobbering him but I restrained myself.

“Then what is it about?”

“It’s not ‘about’ anything either.” I could see I wasn’t getting anywhere – like usual with this person.

“I give. Is Dragosani a who?”

“Yes. It’s my name.” I – almost – left. I was so frustrated by this person’s actions that I could have screamed. I pounded my desk instead and tried once more.

“Did you base your name here in this chat room on a specific character?”

“Well – now that you put it in the proper manner – Yes I did.”

“Okay – great. Who is it?”

“Dragosani is a necroscope in novels written by Brian Lumley. If you are really interested – go have a read.” And with that he vanished – again.

Ayns was beside himself as he watched us chatting in the corner and tried to dazzle me with some fancy footsteps out on the floor. I let him lead me around the room and watched as he did his best to attract as much attention as he could – but my mind was on the enigma of Dragosani. Ayns knew I was distracted and finally bade me goodnight. I barely noticed as I reread the short and frustrating conversation with the newcomer.

The next day I slipped out of the store and made my way to the bookstore in the mall. It didn’t take me long to find Brian Lumley. I was stunned by the number of books that were based on the necroscope, so I made sure I got the first three before I headed back to work. That night, between 6pm closing time and 11pm sign on time in the chat room – I read as much as I could of the first book. When the newcomer signed in – I was ready for him.

“So you fight vampires do you?”

He smiled.


david mcmahon said...

Clearly a case of The Vampire Strikes Back...

Or maybe there was a lot at ``stake''!!!

Breezy said...

Sounds like an interesting character Aims

Anonymous said...

How interesting, I am curious where this is going.

I Beatrice said...

Instinct tells me you ought to have walked away from this one, Aims. But then what would I know about chat rooms, when I can't even hack long-term blogging?

I'm prepared anyway for the fact that I might later have to eat my words...

Lane said...

I keep wondering ... does this one turn out to be The Man?

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I know nothing about chat rooms, but I don't have a good feeling here.

Stinking Billy said...

Dragosani is a pro', aims. The sort who knows only too well that there ain't nuthin' like the curiosity of a woman.

You bit, and he had you hooked. So, is he the Man?

aims said...

David - Good comments - welcome aboard!

Breezy - he was indeed.

Dawn - now you know more than others..

Dearest B - Why don't you come back and blog again? I for one certainly miss you.

Lane - you know I can't give it all away yet.

RC - if you want to have a look - I think Bianca's Smut Shack is still up and running.

Billy - Billy Billy Billy.....

dev said...

Well now...we were getting ready for you to meet The Man, weren't we? How kewl and imaginative he spite of your cuz, makes me want to go into a chat room, Pooks. Maybe after all this.

Ironically, and you know...with your writing I'm always there. Feeling it all. Mark of a good writer,luv.

aims said...

Dev - I believe Bianca's is still up and running...