Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You Just Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up

Sorry folks – but due to health reasons I am finding I haven’t been able to post much let alone visit everyone on a daily basis like I used to. Some days I’m able to get to one or two visits and there are days I don’t visit anyone. I’m hoping that eventually I’ll be able to catch up on everyone – but right now that is just a lovely memory.

Keeping all that in mind – please bear with me. Health is such a fickle mistress isn’t she? (and I haven’t even had my carpal tunnel surgery yet!)


Now for the story.

Remember Christmas 2009? Remember the day after when The Man’s new (to us) vehicle burned down in the driveway along with my little trailer that I adore with a passion and that let’s me get out of the barn?

Both the beautiful Touareg and my little trailer were written off. The Touareg because there was nothing left from the dash forward – my trailer because the one side was all bubbled and because it was a vintage trailer (built in 1975). Insurance companies just can’t be bothered to have anything fixed these days – have you noticed?


After much breast beating and howling at the moon – I finally got my trailer settled with the insurance company. Now I have some money to fix it up myself.

Moving on.

The Man works 45 minutes north of The Big Blue Barn. Naturally he needed a vehicle to drive to work to pay the bills. So naturally I let him drive my little red sports car that I’ve had since 1996. I’ve loved that car. No mechanical problems ever – no accidents – nada. I can get in it and GO! if you get my meaning. Another ‘thing’ that made me very happy and it’s been paid for for a long time now.

Remember I live in a part of Canada where it can snow every month of the year? True.

Well – we had an incredible snowstorm in early April. Just down the road south of us there was a 56 car pileup – all accredited to the storm conditions.

Just north of us there was a 2 car collision of which I am more familiar.  The Man – driving my little red sports car – couldn’t stop on the icy road and while trying to avoid the truck in front of him managed to hit it with the front driver side. I got a call at 10:30pm from The Man – yelling above the wind and snow – informing me he was alright. I knew instantly that something was very wrong.


Of course my insurance company – noting the age of my (previously undamaged) vehicle -  wrote it off.  (It still drives like a charm of course).

That meant I had to replace my car while The Man still had to replace his. Sigh. With that in mind I went out in search of a decent vehicle and ended up with a very nice looking and undamaged Saturn Vue. 


Not bad huh?

On the first long weekend (May 24th), The Man and I headed across the border to Great Falls, Montana for a couple of days  to try out the new Vue and to pick up a hitch for towing the vintage trailer once I fix it up again.

We had a lovely weekend and as we left the hotel and turned on to the main street of Great Falls – an older woman sideswiped us.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Really!

Luckily – Saturn (now defunct) came up with an outside body that bounced back upon impacts of a certain force. And because of that we ended up with a tiny scratch on the passenger side wheel rim. The lady shakily drove off while The Man and I did the same.

Oh yes. The Man was driving.

In my mind that adds up to four. Things can’t get any worse – or could they?

Oh yeah. My new roof is leaking once more. Right above my head in my (finally) finished studio.

I count myself lucky. No-one has been injured in any of this. And – it’s supposed to rain here for the next week. At least the front lawn will be very green.


TSannie said...

Nope, you just can't make this up! Entertaining at least.

Nora said...

Your bad luck should run out now. Nobody can have that much all at once. An end must come to it soon. I hope yours is all done now. May you live happily ever after. I mean that!

FlowerLady said...

What a lot of stuff to happen to you both. I love it that you have a positive attitude in spite of it all. I hope you soon have your little trailer all fixed up and travel worthy once again.


Leslie: said...

This is probably, as the Queen would say, your "Annus Horribilus."

Valleys Mam said...

Oh Hun , things can only get better ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,hopefully

anickdaler said...

You really haven't had much luck have you! Hope things improve from here and that you're feeling better soon. I've missed your comments, they mean a lot :)

Maggie May said...

Oh dear...... that is too much to cope with. I just couldn't believe your little red car was all smashed up.
I am glad that no one was hurt though. I suppose that is a blessing.
Hoping that you get everything sorted out and your health too.
Life can be a bummer at times.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Lane said...

What rotten bad luck. Let's hope that's your dose all done in one go.

Now concentrate on getting yourself better and don't overuse those hands!

dND said...

Oh Aims, what can I say part from thank goodness you are both alright. As someone said to me after my car being written off - things can be replaced, you can't.
Deborah xxc

Leatherdykeuk said...

What rotton luck you've had! *hugs*

Melanie said...

Hope you get the roof guys in ASAP to fix what should've been fixed before. Oh what a pain for you.

Good that no one was hurt in all the vehilce problems. I hope it is all sorted soon and you get your surgery.

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

So sorry to read this aims. Let's hope you have had all your bad luck for this decade in one go and you'll be fine for the next nine years!!!

Daryl said...

GAH ... enough already ... burn some incense and get rid of the bad juju!

Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Aims, as you crawl out from this bad time you still get me laughing - Your current doglet house guests shared the limelight with The Man in your new vehicle! Now The Man's actions in the photo you sent me make sense, and I think the darker grey/black canine looks the best of the three of them.

Of course I'm not biased in knowing that the grey/black canine darling a sweetie and is the female - not much!!!

Sending much caring and super love - as I hope you already know,

Mickle xxxxxxxxx

Mickle in NZ said...

Ive just looked at my comment - For any other commenters who may find what I've written "flipant" or uncaring - Aims and Mickle are in daily contact, so I guess I'm following on from a personal conversation we've been having.

I will add that after a few months at the Big Blue Barn the canine house guests very much love and adore their Auntie Aims. They may even be behaving better for Auntie Aims then for their human Dad at times!

This cat lover admits that our Aims' canine guests are very lovable and utterly huggable (as long as given regular showers from human Dad).

Thankfully Zebbycat is a self-cleaning purrball!

bermudabluez said...

Wow Aims....you really can't make that stuff up! I'm so sorry all this has happened, yet thankful that no one has been hurt!! Thank you for your kind words on my blog and I do hope that you guys have better karma coming your way!!! Hugs, Jeanne

Moonroot said...

So sorry to hear of all your bad luck. Sometimes it just seems to go like that, disaster after disaster. So unfair.

It infuriates me too, the way insurance companies just write off vehicles with even the smallest amount of damage. T coughed up to have his own much-beloved little red sports car repaired when the insurance co wanted to write it off after the catalytic converter was stolen!! A friend had a car on which the bonnet (hood) wouldn't open. After much messing about the insurance write that off too. What a waste!

Akelamalu said...

You're right - you couldn't make it up!

Sorry to hear your health isn't 100% I'll remember you when I'm sending Reiki. xx

Rolly said...

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BT said...

Oh aims, you are right, you couldn't make it up!! It's almost as bad as our neighbour sawing down the telegraph pole!! I love your new car, it looks super - I've not heard of that make at all. Do take care, enough accidents for a while I think. Get that roof fixed too!

KatduGers said...

I've had a year of bad luck with cars, a little like that! Fingers crossed it's over, but you never know! Glad to see you back again :-)

PPLIC said...

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