Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Having Fun!

Twisting and turning, delving into imagination and design, forming metal into something wearable and usable. Ahhh! This is my journey this week.

Usable you query? Copper – it helps with that age old demon – arthritis. Why where a band of plain copper when you could be wearing something like this?


P3080033 6 1/2”


P3080036 $45


Akelamalu said...

Very intricate Aims and very beautiful! :)

FlowerLady said...

You do such beautiful work Aimee. Copper is good for arthritis also. I just love the combination of copper and silver.


Bernie said...

What does copper do for arthritis? It is a pretty bracelet my friend.

Anonymous said...

woo Aims that is lovely do you sell on line and ship?

Houseelf said...

Another stunning masterpiece Aims. Hope it sells as it is gorgeous.

aims said...

Bernie's question made me go in search of 'proof' that a copper bracelet is good for arthritis.

I know I've heard about it all of my life - perhaps because my Grandmother suffered terribly from arthritis.

Anyway - this is what I found -

Bejewel yourself in copper

People suffering from arthritis have been known to experience relief when they wear a copper bracelet. Although skeptics point to this treatment as a classic example of quackery, or simply the placebo effect, it is known that some people with arthritis have difficulty assimilating copper from the food they eat. Perhaps wearing a copper bracelet provides them with a subtle but biologically active source of this mineral. Lending further support to the use of copper, homeopathic physicians commonly prescribe microdoses of copper (Cuprum metalicum) to those people with arthritis who experience cramping pains in the joints and jerking or twitching of muscles.

aims said...

@ Valleysmam - I sell my jewelry here through my blog using paypal. And I do ship anywhere in the world - so no worries about that!