Monday, October 1, 2007

Because Of You

Because of you I heard his voice
So softly in the gathering dark
It tore apart and swept away
The chains that had trapped my beating heart.

Because of you he held my hand
And searched my eyes for what lay within
For the soul that had hidden for so many years
Fearing the pain of uncaring whims.

Because of you my mind had soared
And encompassed a world as yet untried
With bonds released and eyes anew
I opened myself and cried.

Because of you the music
Saturated my senses
Bringing peace and happiness
Knocking down my feeble defenses.

Because of you I heard his voice
Gently questing
“Will you marry me?

Because of you I found life again
And threw my arms wide
And clasped it tight

Because of you
I said “I do”
And with head held high
Walked into love.


I Beatrice said...

Oh Aims, you bring a lump to my throat!

This one (with all its lovely images) has just got to be true - please don't disillusion me!

aims said...

Yes Dear B - it is true.