Saturday, October 27, 2007

Thrum Slippers

These slipper boots are 'thrummed'!
That means that the inside of the slipper has 'thrumming' which is unspun wool knit into the pattern every two stitches. Creates an extremely warm and soft inner lining - for those with cold feet.


I Beatrice said...

Not sure this will seem like much of a compliment, Aims - but Mrs Avril Wilmot has said that the 'thrummed' slippers would be just the thing for getting about on the icy floors of the Macauley house!

I rather fancy a pair myself, mind you.

aims said...

Dearest B - that brought a smile to my face this morning - thank you!

How I wish I had been on the tour with Merry Weather and Marianne - I love the fact that out of fiction comes a little bit of reality....lovely.