Friday, October 5, 2007

Me, Myself, and I

I was myself,
Myself was me.
We sat on a shelf
Myself, I and me.

We sat on a shelf,
So making three
Me, I and Myself,
Myself, I and Me.

Once Myself
Fell off the shelf.
Leaving only
I and me.

From up above
I yelled to me
We cannot be two
We must be three.

So up I arose
From where I lie
Now we are three
Me, Myself and I.


I Beatrice said...

Such fun, Aims! Brings to mind that old favourite of mine "Wherever I am there's always Pooh; there's always Pooh and me".

But in the nicest possible way of course! There are definitely things that, as a poet or a writer, one may perfectly honourably borrow. I borrow from my favourites all the time.

Now, I mean to show this to my grand-daughter. Who at six, is struggling to master the intricacies of rhyme and meter.

I have only one thing to ask in connection with it though - and that is, where is 'he'? Somewhere along the way, between yourself and you, there must be he...

Musn't there?

aims said...

Dearest B - I wrote this poem in Grade 5.....and I didn't learn about Pooh until I was in my 20's......sad - isn't that? But when I did find Pooh - I certainly enjoyed him and all the rest of the gang at Pooh corner - and maybe it was better to have found him later in life.....

I Beatrice said...

Yes, I think you may be right Aims. About Pooh I mean. My grand-daughter doesn't seem to love him very much at all - or even to find him especially funny. Perhaps it's only adults who get the glorious point of him?

I was worried about my having seemed to impute plagiarism anyway. I really didn't mean it that way! I thought, if anything, that the comparison worked in your poem's favour - and do so still, especially now that I know how young you were when you wrote it.

aims said...

Dear B - plagiarism never even crossed my mind!

What surprises me here is that I've never forgotten this little poem - and I'm honored that you want to show it to your granddaughter....

I Beatrice said...

Yes, she is writing lots of poetry, but hasn't yet mastered meter - so I'm trying to teach her the piano too, in an effort to show her how poems, too, ought to be able to be sung.

Not all poems are of course - think TS ELiot, whom I adore. But when you're only six, I think that's probably the best effect to try to achieve?

The blog-scene is rather quiet at present - and I too feel somewhat as if I'm writing to a non-existent audience. You are pehaps feeling that of all the bloggers in the world, only I am listening!But please don't be discouraged - the best thing about it, I've found, is that it enables one actually to get something DONE!

aims said...

Thanks dear B - I look forward to your comments - always...

As for the others -

I know the saying "if you build it - they will come" - isn't true...

It will take time....and I'm happy just getting some writing done...