Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Saturday Post!!

First of all I would like to thank Irene for the two awards she has honored me with this week. I have posted them on my sidebar with pride and am terribly humbled that she has awarded me one that says I Cheer Her Up!! (in spite of my subject matter right now) Thank you Irene!

As you have noticed, I have not posted much this week. Not only has it been a busier than normal week for me - what with my picnic with Joy from A Spot of T....and thanks Joy! I needed that day of laughter desperately!

I have found it almost impossible to continue with the story. I have pecked away at my next post, but it is hard to type when you are wringing your hands. And the whispering noises coming from those hands is bothering me, making me anxious. Every single word I write is making me anxious and I am trying my best to deal with it. I know I can and I must as this is like the Reader's Digest condensed version of The Wailings (my book in progress).

Pitiful excuses I know - but the truth. The next post will be out soon - I promise. I will quit running away from it and get the words onto paper. I will stop listening to my hands and use them for typing instead. So - if it looks like I am struggling - believe me - I am.


Daryl E said...

(((aims))) I am going to use the 'voice' I use on my friend Onnie when SHE gets too obsessed with something, she's a Virgo. Here goes:

LISTEN TO ME. This is your blog, its your life, its your tale to tell and however long it takes you, it takes you.

I would insert here some sarcastic humor but often its only funny to me so I wont.


Potty Mummy said...

What she said.

As long as it takes, Aims.

dND said...

I'm with the others;

Take all the time you need and don't go where you are not ready to go. Your health and well being is the most important thing here.

Deborah x

Maggie May said...

If you find it upsetting, have a break from it as it might be too intense to keep at it. I find I relive things by writing it all down & some things I've written have had a disturbing effect for a time.

travelling, but not in love said...

Write faster, write faster, damn you!!!

No really, take your time. go as gently as you need. We all realise this is hard. It's just that we're waiting for the next installment. No really, go gently. Take your time.

Lola said...

When I started blogging it was for the joy of putting words into sentences. Then I found that sometimes it made me feel different - happy, sad, angry, elated, proud.

I'm not surprised that you are finding it hard to write, but remember that this story is yours, and you can choose to tell it, or not tell it, at your own pace and on your own terms. We are owed nothing and can expect nothing other than what you choose to share. There is no obligation. You can keep us waiting a day, a week, or for ever. Look after yourself.

Living the Dream said...

Take your time, but remember, we miss you,

Mima said...

In the list of priorities you are first, so make sure that you take care of yourself, and don't push too hard. Blogging comes way down the bottom of the importance list after family and all those other good things, so make sure that you are ok. If we have to wait, or if it never comes, then that is ok too!

dND said...

Hi there Aims,

I have an award waiting for you over on my site if you'd like to come over.

All the best,

Retiredandcrazy said...

I hope and pray that you find peace dear friend. You do what you have to do to make yourself feel better.

Mean Mom said...

No-one wants you to do anything that makes you feel that upset. Perhaps it is too soon.

That sounded like a great picnic. You are lucky to have found such a good friend!

Lane said...

Take your time. No rush. No rules.

(apart from days of fun and laughter - that's an order:-)

Amy said...

Your posts continually astound me. I don't know if I'd've made it through.

But I do know I've tagged you with the limerick meme. Go to it, sistah.

Câmera Digital said...
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Bitter Sweet Chocolate Irene said...

You can talk about something completely different for a while if you want to, that would be fine with me. No need to put yourself through all sorts of agony to please us. Take god care of yourself, Aims. Heed your own words to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aims, when things get bad try to distract yourself- give yourself a reward when you finish a bit of housework you didn't want to do.

When you write, you dredge things up. Sometimes you need to step away to get the smell out of your nostrils and fill with clean air again.

You are in charge on your blog. You make the decisions about when and what you choose to write. please don't feel an obligation to write when you aren't ready to go through it. Stay strong. Hugs Melanie

Anonymous said...

Your ability keep everyone hooked will not end. Support is forever with you.

Take care,
Crystal xx

aims said...

Thanks everyone!

I need to follow my own advice about being strong - I know I am and I refuse to let my mind slip back to that place and stay there. I refuse!

So I will continue. It is therapeutic...tough stuff - but with results.

Joy T. said...

Even though the day would have been memorable with the beautiful spot you took me to and your great company, the memories are definitely going to be that darn snow, the changing temperatures and YOU trying to get that fire going. Fantastic time Aims! Thanks again :o)

dawn said...

Congrats on the awards and I am glad you had some time to go out and laugh. Glad you are feeling better this weekend. I have a recipe you could make on my post today, and put a little substitution in it for you. I think you could use spelt flakes if I am not mistaken, or more peanuts.