Monday, March 29, 2010

After The Parade

After Zulu and Rex had gone by – the finale were the truck krewes.

These were big transport trucks where companies, families, friends or whoever – had created their own floats and were throwing anything and everything. The line of trucks seemed to go on for over an hour and the amount of ‘throw's’ coming from them were just incredible. Seems like everyone wants to be in a parade!



Of course after a parade – there is always what’s left. I was stunned by the amount of garbage.  I asked an officer,  ‘Who cleaned it up?’ and I was told that they had a huge crew who probably had already started and continued through the night. He said that by 5am you would never know there had been a parade.


Then of course there were the winners. I saw people wheeling suitcases of beads down the street with happy grins on their faces.




There is that legend that New Orleans is sinking because of all the beads in the attics.



bermudabluez said...

Sure looks like people had fun though!! That is one thing I have not yet done....Mardi Gras!!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Ha! I love the idea of all the beads in the attics!

Anonymous said...

Lovely colours of beads -shame so many are in the attics. :-) I think more should decorate the trees.

FlowerLady said...

Look at all those wonderful, colorful beads. I wonder if you couldn't make a fantastic piece of artwork with some of them as a momento of your trip.


Maggie May said...

It all looks lovely!

Nuts in May

The Green Stone Woman said...

Sounds very expensive to me. All those beads!

Akelamalu said...

My little granddaughter would adore all those beads!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

It sure looks like you're having fun Aims! That's gross about the amount of garbage people throw on the ground. Good to hear it is cleaned up though.

Love the legend of the city sinking because of the beads in the attic. I can just picture that in my head!

BT said...

What a funny story about all those beads!! I bet it was wonderful fun though.