Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some Very Precious Words (part 2)

What I know for sure:

My mom loved clothes, and shopping. I think my brother and my husband once counted 60 pairs of slacks in her closet. One of the nurses at my mom's care home said she was one of the most elegantly dressed woman she ever saw.

She loved having Bonnie do her hair every week.

She loved perfume.

She loved the movie “Bridges of Madison County” and the
Sound of Music. (until 3 weeks before she died, as her roommate played the movie every day and every night) It was playing when she died.

My mom loved Chinese food and going to DelRio's every week for lunch.

She loved nuts and bolts, cheezies, A&W Onion Rings, tomato aspic salad, waffles with orange butter, and beets. Well, actually, she loved all food....

Maybe I should say what she didn't like:

Pasta, Yams, sweet potatoes, sushi (the story behind this, is when she turned 82 I took her out for Sushi for her birthday. I wanted her to 'try' something new. We asked the chef to give us a platter of all cooked food....he came out with a platter of RAW fish....which my husband had to eat and my Mom and I reordered Chicken Teryaki)

I'm not sure if her hearing aide counts as she ate that too!

My mom loved to go on picnics up the Highwood, to Banff and to Drumheller when she lived in Calgary. In Salmon Arm it was to Mable Lake, Harold Park, and out for country drives.

She loved animals and always had a pet. I wonder if the bat in her bedroom and the bears were part of the animals she loved.

She loved the cabin at the lake, and the house on the lake.

She loved going to Hawaii, to the Fountain of Youth and on cruises.

She loved going Salmon fishing to Port McNeil. She loved being out in the boat on the lake or the ocean with my dad.

She loved the traditional holidays of Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. She loved the Christmas lights and tree, most of all she loved being with her family.

She loved celebrating her birthday.

My mom loved being a grandma, I know she wished that she could have seen her grandchildren more. She was always so proud to talk about Shelley, Chris, Brent, Blake, Kelsy, Aimee and Katie, and her great grandchildren, Jeremy, Joshua, Noah, Samantha and Tyrell were special to her. She wished she could have played more games with them and known them better.

My mom was a Christian and followed the Baptist religion her whole life and was loyal to her church and God.

My mom loved getting her hands dirty in soil, she loved working in the garden...how many times as a young girl did she scare me with worms, and I'm still petrified of them. She was a wonderful gardener.

My mom loved the signs of all the season's changing. The blossoms and new leaves on the trees in spring, to the smell of the fall air, to the first snow fall, to the heat of the summer.

She loved to swim in the lake, or the pool. There was nothing better than a hot summer day.

She loved to drive her car, which she did until she was 86 years old, claiming that she had never had an accident. She wasn't a great passenger though, as she was always gripping the door!

She loved to play Hide & Seek (in the house)...what fun we had and what a lot of screaming and laughing. My brother loved to scare the pants off her!

She loved her family, her brother's George, Earl and Norm and her sister Shirley.

She said she always missed her dad. She loved her nieces and nephews and her cousins. Family was history and that was important to her.

She loved skating when she was young, that was her first date with my dad.


Leatherdykeuk said...

She sounded as if she was a real lover of life. *hugs*

Leslie: said...

Sounds as though she had a fabulous life full of activity. Interesting, her first date was ice skating with your Dad - my first date with Lorne was the same. :D

Bernie said...

I loved reading about your mom and I couldn't believe how much her and my own likes are the same. Thank you so much for sharing my friend, great post......:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

What a fun sounding person right to the end.

Brett said...

That was wonderful, thank you for posting that.

Akelamalu said...

It's lovely that you remember everything about your Mom. x

bermudabluez said...

She certainly sounds like a fun loving person. Thanks for sharing this.