Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Rant

I’m not going to apologise for how upset I get about cancer. I have had many taken from me because of this horrible, insidious, evil disease. I know a lot of people who have survived as well and my dearest friend is in her last week of radiation treatment after having her left breast removed.

Cancer makes me crazy and I will rave about it at the drop of a cigarette butt!

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer when I was 30. This type of cancer is directly related to smoking. The only good thing about that experience was that it made me quit smoking.

Cigarettes are evil. Tobacco companies are evil. Tobacco lobbyists are the Devil’s spawn!

I pray that a miracle will happen and a law will come out for the entire world that will ban the use of cigarettes. It would have to be a miracle with the amount of money the tobacco companies spend to keep their product in use. Still – I can dream.

I know it wouldn’t be the cure for Cancer. But it would help. Alot.

If you are a smoker or have smoked? Be afraid. Be very afraid. Don’t kid yourself into thinking it won’t happen to you. It may pass you by - but the second hand smoke from that stupid thing you put in your mouth just might kill the person closest to you.

I do not apologise.

And I'm putting this in here for Debs and all the others. Smoking is not the only cause of cancer. But it is a big one. There are all of those people who get cancer who have never smoked (did their partner?) Sometimes - unfortunate times - it is genetics that cause Cancer. Or perhaps the unknown. Evil insidious disease! I hate you!

Before I met Cid, he smoked over 2 packs a day. He had quit by the time I met him and so had I.

I got lucky. He didn’t.


aims said...

I keep thinking of Punk Rock Mommy and the financial stress her illness has created.

I also thought of how much a cup of Starbucks coffee is - and how not having 2 of them would help her family now.

I donated $10.00 to her family. The donation goes to 'Painted Saint' and I almost cried when I read that.

Every dollar will count for them. We can help. Even if we only give them 1 dollar. It all adds up.

Mean Mom said...

I've just been catching up with your recent posts. Catastrophic news about Cid and Punk Rock Mommy. Some people have so much sorrow to cope with.

I'm not surprised that cancer makes you angry. I have known several people, who have suffered, but survived, and some who have suffered and died. It is such an insidious disease. It takes away everyone's dignity. I went to my friend's husband's funeral just last Friday. He, too, had died of cancer. The only consolation we have, is that advances have been made and it is possible to survive some cancers nowadays.

There are awards and a silly post, at my place, if and when you feel up to visiting.

Lehners in France said...

Aims, you can't narrow it down to cigarettes. You also have genetics, like me. Some people are born unlucky. I've just had my annual MRI results, negative thankfully, but a long life is not totally expected. Debs x

Daryl said...

Sadly until this heinous killer touches your life or someone's close to you ... the smokers just do not get it.

I am a survivor. I have been cancer free for almost 29 yrs. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer (well before it was known what causes it or how to prevent it) after being married for less than a year ...


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Cancer yup I've had a parent die from it and a good friend and uncles and aunts. I gave up smoking three years ago - don't miss it.

I have an award for you over at my place. Don't know where else to leave this message for you as this is such a serious post.

Maggie May said...

Yes it is a blasted disease of the foulest kind. I have a husband, son in law and sister in law suffering from the wretched illness. I have known many people with it though. I think the genes have a lot to do with it but smoking has to be bad. When I was a kid EVERYONE smoked. So I grew up as a passive smoker.

travelling, but not in love said...

Aims, it's just nasty. Nasty.

softinthehead said...

Obviously with my brother just being diagnosed it has suddenly come very close to home, also I lost a very good friend to it 5 years ago and his daughters are growing up without him, I pray the same doesn't happen to my nieces.

Leatherdykeuk said...

I have to agree. I gave up 29 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aims, I grew up in a smoking household. Hubby and I made our household a smoke free zone when we bought our first house. My family complained about it until our baby arrived. They wanted to continue to smoke around me but I kept away as I didn't want the smell to be breathed in by my baby from my clothes as she fed. It was only after I had double pneumonia and was very weak, that their attitude changed. Their selfish pressure was horrible.

It's only been recently that smoking in enclosed public spaces has been banned so we have shelters in pub gardens so that smokers can go outside in the rain. Before this, people still brought children into smokey atmospheres in the UK. It shocked me.

It does get to me that everyone knows that smoking kills, even passively- in the UK it is printed in big letters on each packet of cigarettes, yet the government wont ban it as they earn tax money from it. Money will always rule governments.

Carolyn said...

Aims. I'm so sorry you have been deeply hurt by cancer. It's a horrible thing.

I almost cried when I read "Painted Saint" too. I hope Andrea's family and friends are coping alright today. What a horrible loss.

xo c

Lola said...

Aims, we need people to be angry, and not to apologise. Your evangelism may save lives. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Good rant aims, i so wish my husbandcould,would quit. My daughter has re -started as has one of my good friends whose life is falling apart, but getting sick wont help that
PS xxxx for your vote really appreciated.

Jay said...

I'm so sorry. :(

Yes, it is a dreadful thing. Both myself and my husband have had it and had the treatment and have been signed off as cancer-free, for which I'm very thankful. My BIL died of it, as have various of my own relatives. My SIL had a horrible time with breast cancer but is now OK.

It's true. You can't narrow it down to cigs. I've never smoked. Neither had my Grandmother. Others did but had given up years previously. I put a LOT of the blame on pollution - we breathe far more car exhaust (for instance) than we ever do cigarette smoke, but government would ban cars because - again - of tax revenue. Some is genetic, some caused by a virus, it's thought. Sometimes it's simply that people have lived so long that they've outlived their body's ability to manage cell division properly.

My mother was a specialist cancer nurse for many, many years. Advances are being made all the time, but sadly not in time for some.

My sympathies. :(

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. I hate cigarettes and I loathe having to stand in the vicinity of someone smoking. I lived with Jim who smoked around 30 a day and thought nothing of lighting up at the table and near Amy which infuriated me to the hilt.

Good blog.

CJ xx

Mima said...

I used to smoke, and it is good to be able to say that as I gave up about 3 months ago. I also hate cancer, Grampa is losing his battle, day by day he is sleeping more and becoming less able. Each time the phone rings I jump, and today I saw my Mum desperately scramble for her mobile with panic on her face - its ok it was just a friend, not bad news. But its coming and there is nothing we can do.

John-Michael said...

If you will permit me, Yours is not a "rant," my Darling, but, to my ears, a loving and caring plea. And I applaud you for your voice. Well said! Speak long and loud.

Lovingly ...

bichonpawz said...

Oh, aims, I am very sorry to hear that you had to go through that terrible ordeal yourself, but am glad to hear that you are a survivor. My sister in law was diagnosed with colon cancer in December and is currently a survivor. Thankfully, I gave up smoking many years ago due to my asthma diagnosis. It was very, very hard to quit, but I am so thankful that I did.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

I agree with every breath and every word, Aims. It's important to say it loud and clear. Bravo. M xx