Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Ramblings

Summer has thrown a bit of a loop into my normal blogging schedule and I hope you can bear with me for another month anyway. During the summer I help my brother with his white water rafting business. You can see what I am doing if you click on the link on my sidebar under Fun Places. Like any business owner these days, my brother is short-staffed - and his sister comes in very handy - and very cheaply too!

I love to go out and serve the lunch on the side of the river. It's just me and nature before everyone comes up from the river - very wet and laughing their heads off. I serve them up a hot buffet lunch and listen to them talk about jumping off the cliff into the river or being thrown out of the raft. The cliff jumping happens right before the lunch stop - so that is usually the topic of conversation. My brother and the guides wait until everyone is served before they come up and hand me their bowl and give me those smiles that say they are so happy to make someone else happy. I fill their bowl with hot steaming home-made chili and share that moment with them. There was a time - long ago - when I use to be a white-water rafting guide for my brother - and I know what has been going on out there on that beautiful river!

These are pictures of the lunchsite and the lunch spread. I normally don't serve the lunch on the trailer - but I had just had a medical procedure on my back and I couldn't carry everything down the hill and set it up around the firepit - and then carry it all back up again. The only thing that gets lighter after the lunch is served is the huge cooler - and maybe me (I might have lost an ounce or two carrying all that stuff around). So I opted for spreading the lunch out on the trailer instead.

Most summers I have lived at my brother's place in our little 13' trailer. (This picture was taken on one of the Florida keys on our 2006 trip to Key West, Florida.)

Last year I told my brother that I couldn't help this summer - I wanted to stay home with The Man and swim in the pool and write and knit. But circumstances have changed all that. His full-time girl lasted a week before she went back to her fiance - and it has been cold and rainy so far this summer and I haven't been in our pool yet! My little trailer sits out at my brother's - but I have yet to spend a night in it. However - he needs me? I go. If I'm not helping out on the side of the river - I'm staying back at the building and showing off his pottery. Have a look at what my brother does during the winter months under Pretty Places. I think he is an amazing artist and I'm very proud of him. His pottery showroom is also where everyone meets to go rafting. It comes in handy.

As for the writing and the knitting? The knitting is happening - the writing isn't. My book sits untouched at chapter 14. In my head I am writing it - but it isn't getting typed out. The need to write eats away at me constantly. Perhaps when things settle down.

The knitting though!

Have a look at my sidebar at Big Blue Barn Knits! The Man and I have been working on getting my teddy bears up on I've got 3 bears for sale on now and I will be putting up more. We are also working on putting the thrummed slippers and mittens I make on and also the Thrummed Knitting Kits I designed for those knitters out there who want to make the slippers and mittens themselves. I wrote a pattern and built the kits with yarn and wool roving. I also designed a slipper for little girls that has heart beads around the ankle. Those kits include the beads as well as the yarn and roving.

If you want to put a Big Blue Barn Knits button on your blog, here are some instructions for a few different blog types.

Now - one more thing before I go and grab my knitting and sit out on the deck.

I'm sorry to do this to you - but every once in a while I am going to ask you to throw a vote my way on the Blogger's Choice Awards. You can only vote once - so once you have it done you can forget about it and move on.

I hate begging and grovelling - but I will do it here quite easily because none of you can see the red creeping up my neck and taking over my face. You can't see the cowering look in my eyes or my inability to meet yours as I ask you to vote for me.

I know the site is very hard to navigate - but if you follow the instructions in this post - you should be fine. I've heard otherwise from people who are not so techno-savvy - and my heart does go out to you if you are one of these people (I am).

That's it for my Sunday Ramblings. I'll get back to the story as soon as possible.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Thanks for taking the time to show us whet you're doing :) Have fun with your brother.

Lola said...

What a point in your story to leave us! But have a good summer, and we'll be here when you get back.

Stinking Billy said...

aims, baby, you can call it rambling if you like, but I think you have just proved that you are not necessarily just a one-story writer. This insight into your daily life has shown us a totally different side of you, a happier one, certainly, but there is clearly much, much more than your book could bring out. Hard working, caring, multi-talented and, more than anything, a writer in the broader sense of the word.

If you do need to rest a while from the book, just fill the gap with more of the above. I, for one, won't complain.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. An insight at last into your rafting. I can definitely vouch for the teddy bears and the slippers. Would much rather someone else did the hard work though.

CJ xx

Daryl said...

I wandered over there the other day and fell in love with your teddys.


Potty Mummy said...

It sounds great Aims. Maybe when the boys are older...

Jules Viernes said...


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TSannie said...

I am loving your writing. Came over via Daryl - glad for it!

bichonpawz said...

Love what you are doing with the rafting and helping out your brother. Aims!!! Key West is one of my favorite places on this EARTH!!! What a small world it is...and I love the bichon bears too! You do such nice work!

Anonymous said...

Hia Aims your book must be so frustrating at the moment for you. When I'm like that, the scene is "with me" until it gets written out. If it's not a nice place it's horrible. Hope you can move on with it soon.
It's 05:42 here and I've been up with a couple of the hounds. One took fright in the thunder storm. I'm not good at mornings, so if I don't make sense it's not you- ok?

Love the idea of white water rafting in beautiful scenery. I had a look at your brother's pottery. The new silvery stuff looks really good. I loved the shape of the blue and white ginger jar.

Well done for helping your brother out. Home made chilli sounds good. I make it very strong- probably a bit too strong for hubby. Last time he said he'd tasted milder vindaloo curries! LOL

Take Care Aims and have a brill Summer.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

So this is your other world Aims, and fascinaating too. How busy you are. I'll try and navigate the site to vote, but have to say I'm pretty hopeless myself. May I ask a question? Do you know how to get a word count of your Blog? I wonder if The Man knows? I've been writing mine for a year now and would love to know how many words I've actually written. Sorry to bother you at such a busy time, but thought you, or he, might know. Thanks. M xx

lisaschaos said...

Sounds like you are staying busy!

Pretty sure I have already voted but I'll double check and make sure. :)

Retiredandcrazy said...

OG and I went white water rafting once in Paradise, Oregon. It was the best fun we have ever had. Please come over to my site and pick up a "share the love" award.

dawn said...

Lots of interesting stuff happening your way. Way to go with getting your stuff of Etsy. Hopefully we will get a couple weeks of summer yet; so far it's been a rip off.

Breezy said...

Aims I love your brother's primitive fire pots. What a talented family you are!